CONTENTS|Released:Report on X-HUB kick-off event | 【 東京都主催 】 東京と世界を繋ぐイノベーションプラットフォーム「X-HUB TOKYO」


Dec 14, 2017

CONTENTS|Released:Report on X-HUB kick-off event

X-HUB TOKYO, a program to support overseas expansion for entrepreneurs sponsored by the Tokyo metropolitan government, has launched the US East Coast Course from November and finally started full-scale operation. The kick-off event included the lecture by Mr. Travis Sheriden, who runs the innovation community at Boston where one of the world’s leading startup ecosystems exists, and the presentation by companies selected for the US East Coast Course.

Mr. Travis answers questions as to why the US east coast area, especially Boston, is suitable for startup and what is the difference with Silicon Valley.

In the event, we also announced the German Berlin/Munich courses as the second step following the US East Coast course. Why Germany? Read the article for the further information.