About|X-HUB TOKYO | 【 東京都主催 】 東京と世界を繋ぐイノベーションプラットフォーム「X-HUB TOKYO」



X-HUB TOKYO is an exchange platform where entrepreneurs and innovators from Tokyo with global aims come together with individuals involved in innovation ecosystems around the globe.

X-HUB TOKYO will offer opportunities to access global markets and information to entrepreneurs with potential to launch a global startup from Tokyo.

The importance of collaboration and competition in global markets has been growing in recent years. Increasing the number of entrepreneurs aiming to enter global markets from Tokyo requires boosting the degree of maturity of innovation ecosystems in Tokyo. X-HUB TOKYO endeavors to assemble worldwide innovation ecosystems members around the world into Tokyo, increase level of development, and form ecosystems unique to Tokyo. This platform being constructed is to facilitate exchange among promising startups and entrepreneurs already active in Japan and individuals engaged in global innovation in Tokyo, which will serve as a hub, in order to turn Tokyo into a location regarded as global ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, London, and Singapore.

X-HUB Program Contents:

2 programs will be implemented in association with the stage for consideration of global advancement.



The aim is to “ concretely materialize an action plan for global advancement ” through the provision of information from supporters of overseas ventures, viewpoints of entrepreneurs with experience, and global markets.

  • Target Companies: Those that are considering global advancement, but have yet to determine specific methods and locations of expansion and will gather, or are gathering, information.
  • No. of Participants: Approx. 50–200 per event
  • Frequency: Biweekly (can be attended each time)
  • Theme (examples): ・Providing information on local overseas markets
    ・Financing conference by overseas VC
    ・Seminars on overseas expansion by successful startup executives


X-HUB Program

During short-term concentrated courses, the program will provide opportunities to create alliance partners for global advancement through activities such as training to deliver pitches in English, and direct mentoring from VC and accelerators from collaborating partners.

  • Target Companies: Those that have decided to expand overseas and have roughly determined the specific region of advancement.
  • Period: 3 months
  • No. of Courses: Around 5 countries in a year (provisional)
  • No. of Participating Companies: Around 5 companies in each course
  • Program Content (examples): ・English training
    ・Mentoring by accelerators from collaborating partners
    ・Pitches for major overseas corporations VC and etc.